Top 100


of All Time


in no particular order


1. Casablanca

   Classic Bogart as the silent, suffering hard-ass who's really a softie.

2. Forbidden Plant

   The first top-flight sci-fi pix with a great robot: Robby.

3. Clockwork Orange

   Stanley Kubrick's sadistic view of a future gone slightly mad.

4. Fahrenheit 451

   In Truffaut's future, firemen set fire to books so people memorize them.

5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

   Iconic Clint Eastwood as the iconic Western gunslinger.

6. The African Queen

   Bogart, Hepburn and a boat. Do you need anything more?

7. The Front Page

   Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Billy Wilder set the mark with this one.

8. Breakfast at Tiffany's

   Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard. Whimsy meets stoic.

9. The Philadelphia Story

   Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart. What a cast.

10. The Pink Panther

   David Niven and Peter Sellers. Two extremes.

11. Dr. Strangelove

   Kubrick, again. This time he takes nuclear Armageddon over the top.

12. Tunes of Glory

   Sir Alec Guinness in a great anti-war film.

13. The Nutty Professor

   Eddie Murphy better than Jerry Lewis? Can you believe that?

14. Chinatown

   Jack Nicholson. Homage to film noir. Great script.

15. Gone With the Wind

   Director David O. Selznick was right. It was the story of the South.

16. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

   Whimsy, salty, edgy, funny with breath-taking beauty.

17. Barry Lyndon

   Damn Kubrick, again. Every scene is a Hobart painting.

18. The Last Waltz

   The ultimate band movie. None better.

19. La Dolce Vita

   Fellini is just mildly mad in this one. His best work.

20. Sleeper

   Vintage Woody Allen: hamburgers, fries and Coke are health food.

21. Apocalypse Now

   No war movie hit so hard. It nearly killed Marty Sheen.

22. True Grit

   Jeff Bridges beats out the Duke. I know, blasphemy!

23. The French Connection

   Cops, robbers, corruption and the archetypical chase scene.

24. Forrest Gump

   Only Tom Hanks could pull this off.

25. Cast Away

   Hanks, again, with 15-minutes of no dialogue.

26. The Misfits

   Monroe, Gable, Cliff, oh my.

27. Run Silent, Run Deep

   Prototypical submarine flic: Down Periscope. Dive. Dive. Dive.

28. Bridge Over River Kwai

   Guinness, again. "Surprised I speak your language, colonel?"

29. Catch 22

   The movie actually organizes the chaos of the book.

30. M*A*S*H

   War as it should be: serious with a dash of wacky.

31. Dark Knight

   Batman as he originally was written: dark and scary.

32. Goldfinger

   James Bond at the top of the form: shaken not stirred.

33. Serpico

   Al Pacino before he just played himself.

34. Giant

   The money shot: Liz Taylor's heels striking oil as she walks away. James Dean looks on.

35. Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

   Newman & Redford: friends to the end. "Who are those guys?"

36. Night of the Iguna

   Burton, raw and edgy as a minister. Taylor played it edgy, too.

37. Rebel Without a Cause

   James Dean, again. This time he plays the boy misunderstood.

38. Jaws

   I still can't go in the ocean.

39. Annie Hall

   A more serious Woody Allen; Diane Keaton as trend setter.

40. Cleopatra

   Nothing better: Liz Taylor wrapped in a rug.

41. Sons of Katie Elder

   The Duke as Big Brother; Dean Martin, drunk again.

42. North by Northwest

   Icons all the way: Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Mount Rushmore.

 43. Blazing Saddles

   Mel Brooks' best. "Mongo loves beans."

44. To Have and Have Not

   Bogey falls in love with Lauren Bacall, in the film and real life.

45. 48 Hours

   My college pal, Steve DeSouza, wrote it. Murphy sang "Roxanne."

46. 2001: A Space Odyssey

   Hal: "I can't do that, Dave."

47. Bonnie & Clyde

   It was Michael J. Pollard who sold me.

48. The Big Easy

   Ellen Barkin is too sexy. Dennis Quaid is too smooth.

49. The Day the Earth Stood Still

   Klaatu saves the earth from itself.

50. Ben Hur

   Charlton Heston drives the chariot like his life depended on it.

51. The Agony & The Ecstasy

   Heston, again, this time working for Rome, not against her.

52. Dirty Dozen

   War as it could have been.

53. Pappilon

   Dustin Hoffman at his grungy best.

54. The Man Who Would Be King

   Sean Connolly and Michael Caine as "fellow travelers."

55. Roger Rabbit

   Animation meets real life. Animation wins.

56. Psycho

   If I had a shower curtain, I wouldn't be able to pull it back.

57. Patton

   George C, Scott was really Patton.

58. Lawrence of Arabia

   The epic story of a flawed man and a senseless cause.

59. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

   Sidney Poitier meets Spencer Tracy.

60. Some Like It Hot

   Tony Curtis in drag. Works for me.

61. The Seven Year Itch

      Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell.  Yes, it can happen to you.

62. Grapes of Wrath

   You live the Okie's pain in every scene/

63. Citizen Kane

   Ok: "Rosebud."

64. The Godfather

   Makes you want to convert to Italian.

65. The Wizard of Oz

   I'll follow the yellow brick road anywhere.

66. The Graduate

   How could the kid resist Bankcroft's legs?

67. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

   A nuts film about nuts in a nutsy time.

68. King Kong (original)

   It was beauty that killed the beast.

69. Raiders of the Lost Ark

   I wanted to buy a big hat and a bullwhip and leave for Egypt

70. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

   That witch scared the bejeez out of me, to this day.

71. The Sound of Music

   Sappy but how could you not put it on the list.

72. Hunchback of Notre Dame

   The Lon Chaney Sr. silent version. Worth the watch.

73. Schindler's List

   Spielberg's tribute to his heritage.

74. On the Waterfront

   Brando: "I could have been a contende'"

75. The Maltese Falcon

   Bogie, yet again: the stuff dreams are made of...

76. Duck Soup

   Marx Brothers' over-the-top spoof on government. Priceless.

77. The Wild Bunch

   Sam Peckinpah's view of the end of the West.

78. The Manchurian Candidate

   Frank Sinatra's dramatic triumph in a chilling, "real" story.

79. Fantasia

   Imagine, Disney did this in 1940 before LSD.

80. Bringing Up Baby

   One of four Hepburn-Grant triumphs. Screwball at its best.

81. Streetcar Named Desire

   Brando, again, in New Orleans: "Stellllllla."

82. Rear Window

   Alfred Hitchcock, yet again; Jimmy Stewart. Grace Kelly. A broken leg. Wow!

83. Star Wars

   George Lucas' tribute to Saturday morning sci fi television.

84. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

   A movie that defies imagination and gravity. Stunning.

85. 12 Angry Men

   Sidney Lumet's social conscience with a huge cast of stars.

86. It's a Wonderful Life

   Capra's schmaltz at its best. Only watched it 300 times.

87. Animal House

   College the way some of wanted it; or feared it would be.

88. Rashomon

   America discovered Akira Kurosawa and foreign films.

89. Wild Strawberries

   Bergman's lesson in tedium and beauty. Again waking up America.

90. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

   Who could think up a story like this?

91. Cool Hand Luke

   "What we have here is a failure to communicate."

92. Zorba the Greek

   Don't you want to just dance?

93. The Shawshank Redemption

   Brilliant acting. Great story line.

94. The Exorcist

   Really frightening. And Jason Miller can act.

95. High Noon

   Grace Kelly in a western! Gary Cooper. Lloyd Bridges.

96. The High and the Mighty

   Number Two (co-pilot John Wayne) saves the day and the plane.

97. Rocky

   New meaning to "pounding beef." Race ya to the top!

98. Field of Dreams

   If you build it, they will come. Another great life lesson.

99. Rosemary's Baby

   It's not everyone who can spawn the Devil.